Wir sind das Frauen Team des Kaiserslautern Lacrosse, die Ladyjacks. Gestärkt durch die Mädels aus Saarbrücken bestreiten wir als die Lionjacks unsere Spiele.


Nächstes Spiel


ProWo at the University

It is the time of the year when the new freshmen arrive. Every year before the lectures begin, the student council WiWi of the TU Kaiserslautern organizes the ProWo so that prospective students get to know the campus. Of course, this is done by the student groups and under the influence of sufficient alcohol.

ProWo 2017 - Drinking Game
ProWo 2017 – Drinking Game

As we are always on the lookout for new talent, we will use this opportunity again this year. With our self-developed drinking game and some sticks to fit, we introduce the young talents of the university into the life as a lacrosser. The aim of the game is to drink a cup of beer from a Longpole in as short a time as possible. Do not touch or spill, this will result in point deduction. Bonus points are awarded when the drink dispenser is blind.

If you are interested in a beer or are curious about Lacrosse, you can come to us today. Missed your chance? Why don’t you just come into our training and try it out?

ProWo 2017 - Blinded Feed
ProWo 2017 – Blinded Feed

Monday: 19:30-21:30 (TSG)
Tuesday: 17:30-18:30 (Unisport)
Thursday: 19:30-21:30 (TSG)

19. Oktober 2017 von Oliver

Small Field League in Trier

Yesterday was a great day for our Kaiserslautern Lacrosse team. With a beautiful sunny day the ladies won the first place of the second game day of our small field league with different teams from Luxembourg, Netherlands and Germany.

The Ladyjacks line-up
The Ladyjacks line-up

This was another Victory for our team and a great lesson for our rookies.

The Lumberjacks line-up
The Lumberjacks line-up

The Ladyjacks played twice against Maastricht and Saarbrücken/Trier/Luxembourg with a win in each game. This was the lead to the game day win. The Lumberjacks just had to accept a loss against Saarbrücken. The games against Trier and Luxembourg enden with a satisfying result for the team.


The best part of this game day for both teams was the introduction of the rookies to the game play. To resume this we are happy to tell the success of our rookies. Almost each of them scored at least a goal, also their defensive skills and teamplay had an improvement.

Team K-Town in Trier
Team K-Town in Trier

15. Oktober 2017 von Oliver

2nd homegame of the Lionjacks

Also the 2nd Gameday of the Lionjacks was in Kaiserslautern. They took their first game against Karlsruhe B/ Ulm. Both teams started strong and especially both defenses and goalies made it hard to score. So after 18 tough minutes #10 Lisa Noe took the first shot. Motivated by that first goal Lisa extends the lead of the Lionjacksacks by another goal. Prilly Oktoviany (#9) who played her first game after a long term injury shot the third goal for our ladies. Then our defense lost a bit of their focus and the guests from Karlsruhe scored twice in a short time interval. So for half time it was a close score of 4:2. In the second half both teams were competing evenly and very good defensive work on both sides made it possible that each team could only score one goal. (Congrats to #17 Cornelia Sorgatz who scored her first league goal this game). With a final score of 5:3 the Lionjacks were happy for their second victory of the season.

For the second game, which was against Stuttgart B/ Heilbronn, the girls kept their spirit. This showed right at the beginning that it’s going to be a tough game. With both teams fighting, the game was quite close. The half time score of 1:1 (#10) promised that it is going to be an exiting game until the end. However, many ball losses during the transitions have shown that the Lionjacks lost on focus and could not keep up the speed from the first game. This led to a domination of the guest team in our half of the field. A good defense and great goali (Jen Scribner #19) could prevent a higher score so at the end the lionjacks were defeated by 2:4. Even the second game was lost, both coaches were pleased with that gameday and can focus on what to work next.


Thanks to Karlruhe, Ulm, Stuttgart and Heilbronn for two exiting games. The next game will will be on 22nd of October in Freiburg.

12. Oktober 2017 von Anika

Great season start for the Lionjacks

The Lionjacks started their first game of the season powerful and shot 3 goals already in the first 5 minutes.
The girls of both teams were highly motivated so the score at halftime was 5:2 for our Lionjacks.
After the half time break the Freiburg Pumas were back on track and shot the first two goals.
Score 5:4 – so the fight began.
Both teams were committed to win so it was a close game.
Thanks to the support from the fans and our lumberjacks the girls stayed focused and took the lead with a score of  8:6. Still seeing a chance to win the Pumas shot another goal in the last second so the game ended with a final score of 8:7 for our Lionjacks.
Good work girls – keep up the spirit – Sticks up

19. September 2017 von Oliver

Be a supporter

On Sunday the 17th at 12 o‘ clock our girls have their first seasonal game and right at home. Come along for support at the home match day!

At 12 o‘ clock we start against the Karlsruhe B/Ulm gaming community. Afterwards, after a short breather, the fight against PTSV Jahn Freiburg Pumas will be resumed.

Of course, physical well-being is also taken care of.

Sticks up and till Sunday,
Your Ladyjacks

12. September 2017 von Oliver