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Du hast schon einmal von Lacrosse gehört und würdest es gerne mal probieren? Du bist ein kompletter Neuling und weißt eigentlich nur, dass es sich hierbei um eine Sportart handelt? Egal wie viel (oder wenig) du über Lacrosse weißt. Du bist auf unserer Webseite gelandet und hoffentlich auch bald in unserem Training!


Nächstes Heimspiel


BLW Cup 2017 in Münster

Last saturday some of our Lumberjacks traveled to play in the Bundesliga West Cup, the season opening tournament in Münster. We left Kaiserslautern at 6am and arrived in Münster at 10:30am, having the longest distance to travel of all the teams participating. Fortunately, Münster did a good job about planning and our first game started at 11:30am, so enough time to warm up. The weather was quite rainy, but who cares? We just wanted to play some lacrosse and enjoy the day. We succeeded!

In Münster our first action was to recruit a goalie, since our own could not make it. Fortunately, we almost always found one for entire games with the exception of one half of a game where we played with no subs neither a goalie. 8 players and a goalie were allowed on the field and only 7 Lumberjacks were there. So, there was plenty of game time for everyone, even our rookie who joined only a few weeks ago. He could get some impression of real game situations and great teamwork.

Thanksfully some of the other teams helped us playing our games. Thanks again to all of these awesome guys!

8. August 2017 von Oliver

Season opening 2017/18

The time has come for the season kick-off!

As traditional starting, every year all the teams are invited to meet up at a clubs place. There will be a one day tournament including most Bundesliga West Teams from first and second league. This is usually a great opportunity to check, if your team is ready for the upcoming season.

This year we will all meet in Münster. Pretty far away from home, but worth it to see how the other teams are doing. Also a great opportunity to meet lots of friends again. We are very excited about this event and let you know afterwards how we liked it!

4. August 2017 von Oliver

KLax Cup – Gallery now online

For everybody who was at our tournament and those who couldn’t make it. We uploaded some great pictures about the past weekend for you. Have a look at the gallery!


15. Juli 2017 von Oliver