Herzlich Willkommen!

Du hast schon einmal von Lacrosse gehört und würdest es gerne mal probieren? Du bist ein kompletter Neuling und weißt eigentlich nur, dass es sich hierbei um eine Sportart handelt? Egal wie viel (oder wenig) du über Lacrosse weißt. Du bist auf unserer Webseite gelandet und hoffentlich auch bald in unserem Training!


Nächstes Heimspiel


Teamdinner before Gameday

Having a dinner with the team and watching the new lacrosse movie „Spirit Game: Pride of a Nation“. The perfect preparation to get into gameday mode for tomorrow.

We will get up early to be at the field at 11am in Cologne, playing against Bielefeld. Afterwards Cologne plays Bielefeld and then at 4pm we play our second game this day, against Cologne. This will be a tough day for our Lumberjacks!

Watching the new lacrosse movie "Spirit Game: Pride of a Nation" after a filling team dinner
Watching the new lacrosse movie „Spirit Game: Pride of a Nation“ after a filling team dinner

Hope to see a lot of people supporting us at the field!

27. Oktober 2017 von Oliver

ProWo at the University

It is the time of the year when the new freshmen arrive. Every year before the lectures begin, the student council WiWi of the TU Kaiserslautern organizes the ProWo so that prospective students get to know the campus. Of course, this is done by the student groups and under the influence of sufficient alcohol.

ProWo 2017 - Drinking Game
ProWo 2017 – Drinking Game

As we are always on the lookout for new talent, we will use this opportunity again this year. With our self-developed drinking game and some sticks to fit, we introduce the young talents of the university into the life as a lacrosser. The aim of the game is to drink a cup of beer from a Longpole in as short a time as possible. Do not touch or spill, this will result in point deduction. Bonus points are awarded when the drink dispenser is blind.

If you are interested in a beer or are curious about Lacrosse, you can come to us today. Missed your chance? Why don’t you just come into our training and try it out?

ProWo 2017 - Blinded Feed
ProWo 2017 – Blinded Feed

Monday: 19:30-21:30 (TSG)
Tuesday: 17:30-18:30 (Unisport)
Thursday: 19:30-21:30 (TSG)

19. Oktober 2017 von Oliver

Small Field League in Trier

Yesterday was a great day for our Kaiserslautern Lacrosse team. With a beautiful sunny day the ladies won the first place of the second game day of our small field league with different teams from Luxembourg, Netherlands and Germany.

The Ladyjacks line-up
The Ladyjacks line-up

This was another Victory for our team and a great lesson for our rookies.

The Lumberjacks line-up
The Lumberjacks line-up

The Ladyjacks played twice against Maastricht and Saarbrücken/Trier/Luxembourg with a win in each game. This was the lead to the game day win. The Lumberjacks just had to accept a loss against Saarbrücken. The games against Trier and Luxembourg enden with a satisfying result for the team.


The best part of this game day for both teams was the introduction of the rookies to the game play. To resume this we are happy to tell the success of our rookies. Almost each of them scored at least a goal, also their defensive skills and teamplay had an improvement.

Team K-Town in Trier
Team K-Town in Trier

15. Oktober 2017 von Oliver