Season Opener Thriller against Münster

Münster– The K-Town Lumberjack men’s lacrosse team opened the season with a historic 9-8 victory over the Mohawks on Saturday in Münster.

It was the season opener for both clubs.

This year, the K-Town Lumberjacks started with two teams into the new season 2017/18. The A-Team is finally back in the First Division West, facing Frankfurt, Münster, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Bielefeld and Aachen.

After an undefeated season in the second division and a win over Paderborn in the relegation game, the Lumberjacks advanced to the first division.

The B-Team is competing in the newly formed Luxembourg Little League which consists of the following teams: Luxembourg Blacksmiths, Saarbrücken Lions, Legionäre Trier and Kaiserslautern Lacrosse. We are glad that we can provide the opportunity to give all the new players plenty of game time. A couple of our rookies, playing for less than one year, already made it into the A-Team.

The Luxembourg Blacksmiths got founded in 2016 and are writing history right now by joining the FIL as its 59th member and taking part in the World Championships in Israel in 2018. We wish them all the best and are excited to have some exciting gamedays against them.

Feel free to support them:

K-Town Lumberjacks vs. Münster Mohawks

In their first game of their season, the Lumberjacks had to face the Mohawks from Münster which made huge improvements over the last year and joined the first division after establishing a really good and growing lacrosse program lead by their head coach: Adam Pikey Grey

After a couple of speeding tickets, stuck in traffic jams and a short warmup in the pouring rain, the team was lead by our two new elected captains: Florian Mahler and Kyle Marshall. The two playing coaches Patrick Greenwood and Daniel Miofsky made it clear that we didn’t drive all the way to make a fool of ourselves. We had to prove that we were actually first league material.

Faceoff. Lumberjacks vs Mohawks

The Lumberjacks started really strong into the first quarter. Thanks to our Faceoff Specialist and Groundball Machine, Hector Montoya #13, we were able to win all the faceoffs in the first quarter and controlled the game for the first minutes. After testing the Mohawks goalie, it was Wade “The Beast” Dailey, our new heart of the defense, who scored after a clear through the whole Mohawk tribe with a long pole laser rip top right corner after 5 minutes. Despite the rain, everyone could tell that the Lumberjacks were focused, pumped and wide awake with our Hispanic blood pumping with adrenaline. Jorge „Eli“ Brackett scored 3 nice goals after some feeds of this teammates. Münster could only put one goal on the scoreboard, and the first quarter ended 4:1.


Offensive Possession. Working the ball.

In the second quarter, the possessions got longer and both goalies had some outstanding saves. The return of longtime Lumberjack attackman, Jesse Hansen, formerly the quarterback of the Lumberjacks offense, helped boost the team’s confidence and structure in our offense. Great work on the groundballs and backing off almost a 100% of our shots kept us in the game. Münster began to play smarter on their offense and had really long possessions, trying to establish their gameplay by inverts from X. Thanks to the good 1on1 defense, they could barely capitalize out of their plays.

The Münster goalie really stepped up his game and made some amazing saves, and so, we went into the half time with a score by 5:2.

The summary of the half time was: great defense and good hustle on the field, amazing job by our Japanese goalkeeper Keiji (who’s doing an exchange and practicing with our friends from the Saarbrücken Lions right now). Let’s control the pace of the game and play it smart on offense.
After having an uplifting half time speech and becoming confident to step back on the field, the third quarter started and we can only describe it as CHAOS.

K-Town. Whats is your profession?

Coming out of the locker room in the pouring rain, the refs were announcing a delay in the game on the Lumberjacks and gave the ball to Münster. Without a warning from the refs, no one really knew what was going and the Mowhawks scored after only 15 seconds. The third quarter started super slow since there were a lot of dubious calls, discussions, illegal timeouts and without our usual fast game flow, we couldn’t find back into our game.

Münster wasn’t done for the day yet and scored three more goals, their playing coach Grey #7 (3G,2A) was trying to get his team back into the game. They played with great defensive pressure by picking us up on the midfield line and shutting down the adjacent passes. It took us quite some time to get used to this aggressive defensive approach. After calling a stick check on our coach Miofsky #21, which was legal, the Jacks finally found back into their game and we could play some lacrosse again.

Our Midfielders doing work

With a tie of 5-5 the refs blew the whistle to the last quarter of the day, it was all about getting the momentum back now. The game got really physical and intense, there were great saves by both goalkeepers and really long possessions. Three minutes into the fourth quarter, it was our defensive middie Pat Greenwood who took over the lead again for us. We were UP by 1 and you could feel the HEAT in the air. Again, it was the Mohawks coach who tied it up to 6-6. Followed by another quick goal of Greenwood #11 for the Jacks and answered by #35 for the Mohawks we were were tied for the third time of the day. The coaches made it very clear now that every possession, each groundball, every single good action in the game counts. Thanks to a great team effort and hustle by each member of the team, we actually got a lot of possessions. Our Hispanic duo was clicking again and it was Hector who took the lead for us of a feed of Eli right from the faceoff after changing the faceoff/attack position.
Again it was #7 for the Mohawks who tied it a minute later to 8-8. With 3 minutes and 40 seconds on the clock, the game got really intense and thanks to the physical Lumberjacks playing style, we won most of the groundballs and AGAIN it was Brackett #1 who scored his 4th goal of the day and the winning goal for the day after a feed of Pat #11.


The K-Town Lumberjacks won their first game of the season. We thank all our supporters and fans, the referees and especially the Mohawks for a fair and good game. The coaches were really happy about the performance, especially of our rookies: Marvin Druck, Felix Hennig and Oliver Griebel did a great job in their first division game.


K-Town Lumberjacks Roster against Münster:

Goal: Keiji Kawakami
Defense: Jake Hunley, Florian Mahler, Wade Dailey
Midfield: Hector Montoya, Kyle Marshall, Patrick Greenwood, Frederic Manz, Marvin Druck, Felix Hennig, Oliver Griebel, Joshua Driskell, Daniel Miofsky
Attack: Jim Binder, Jorge Eli Brackett, Jesse Hansen, Tobias Schunke


Our next gamedays are coming up on the:

  • 14th Oct. B-Team Gameday in Trier
  • 30th Oct. A-Team Gameday in Cologne