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end of league season = begin of tournament season

Hey fans of lacrosse,

As you all know the season is officially over since this week. The Lumberjacks had their last game on saturday, while the ladies had theirs two weeks ago.

We’re all happy about the ending of this season. The Ladyjacks with the Lions from Saarbrücken were able to win half of all their games. Which is a huge improvement to last season, where they set up the team. Also the Lumberjacks are happy, that they could reach the 1. Bundesliga West.

But there is no time for rest! The season is over now, yes. From now on we run over to the summer tournaments. Thus means a lot of fun, a great community to celebrate with and even more game time. So to see what’s going on, we set up a little table of the tournaments this summer. If we miss something, let us know about it.

Hope to see you soon at the tournaments.

Sticks up!!!