Herzlich Willkommen!

Du hast schon einmal von Lacrosse gehört und würdest es gerne mal probieren? Du bist ein kompletter Neuling und weißt eigentlich nur, dass es sich hierbei um eine Sportart handelt? Egal wie viel (oder wenig) du über Lacrosse weißt. Du bist auf unserer Webseite gelandet und hoffentlich auch bald in unserem Training!


Nächstes Heimspiel

Herren 2. Bundesliga West Relegation

TSG K-Town Lumberjacks
Marburg Saints


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Can’t wait till it’s finally here, the first KLax Cup!!! Only 2 more weeks!! <3

22. Juni 2017 von Frederic Manz

Berlin Open 2017

One of the biggest full field tournaments in europe is the Berlin Open Tournament. From all around the continent teams are showing up to compete. Also we did as some pickup players for different teams.

Some played with „Domstad Dinosours“ and were able to reach the 4th place. Pretty awesome for such a team, due to playing agains the german national team and other very strong opponents. Awesome teamplay!

Another thing to mention about this tournament is Buck, a referee which is 82 years old and still on the field. We all fell in love with this funny guy. Take a note of him and do some more sports. Come to our practice (mondays, tuesdays and thursdays) and stay in shape like Buck does!

21. Juni 2017 von Oliver

BluesFest 2017

Some of our team mates have been to the BluesFest in London.

With their team they were able to win the trophy. Congrats guys!


15. Juni 2017 von Oliver